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From our employees to our processes, our technology to our consumer tools, United Concordia Dental is committed to putting our customers first.

Our ability to think differently and find creative, out-of-the-box solutions is the reason we rank at or near the top of our industry in all key service measures. It’s part of our story and an ongoing process that requires the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and customer expectations.

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United Concordia has delivered proven service to government and military customers for more than 24 years, a testament to our ability to tackle the challenges faced by this important population.

When new situations arise, our military and government customers know they can count on United Concordia to make sure they have access to the high-quality, affordable dental care they need.

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United Concordia Dental works hand-in-hand with our strategic partners to expand the reach of our dental solutions to other parts of the country. These partners rely on us for our dental expertise and help in promoting the importance of dental benefits to the customers they support.

Our expertise in developing and delivering dental solutions enables our partners to expand the value they provide to members in their service areas. By pairing our dental products with their medical, life or disability plans, our partners can offer broader benefit choices that drive membership growth.

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By listening to our customers and focusing on features that matter most to them, United Concordia Dental has become a dental industry leader.

Our networks offer access to high-quality dental care and market-leading discounts, which means lower out-of-pocket expenses for clients and their employees.

We employ a powerful combination of access and savings to expand the reach and effectiveness of our network plans, while also maintaining the ability to tailor approaches that meet our customers’ unique needs.

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As our industry continuously changes, the presence of new competitors and new models of care means United Concordia Dental must continue to enhance our offerings, our networks and think about new ways of delivering care that meet customers’ evolving needs.

We are focused on long-term growth and are implementing new partnerships, products and capabilities.

We employ a powerful combination of access and savings to expand the reach and effectiveness of our network plans, while also maintaining the ability to tailor approaches that meet our customer's unique needs.

Our investments in new technologies and processes help drive our ability to respond quickly and effectively, just as they support the exceptional customer service that is the backbone of our business.

Some new capabilities include:

  • Employing enhanced X-ray analysis software to improve service for patients with periodontal disease. In collaboration with dentists, our dental advisors view detailed images to assess the degree of gum disease. Their timely, accurate analysis provides our members with informed guidance on the best course of treatment
  • Moving forward on a multiyear Provider Data Transformation project that adds new workflow capabilities and builds additional interfaces, to make it easier for dental offices to access and share data with us. We expect these changes to reduce the time needed to complete credentialing for new dentists by approximately two days, so they can begin serving our members sooner
  • Providing an array of online tools to make it easier for members to get the information they want 24/7, including our Find A Dentist tool that helps locate a dentist, find directions to the office and identify network dentists who provide the most value, and My Dental Benefits, an easy-to-use, responsive tool packed with graphics, features and functions that make it faster and easier to use their dental benefits
  • Upgrading our mobile app to make it easier for members to access their accounts and learn more about their oral health while on the go

United Concordia administers the voluntary dental benefits plan for more than 1.8 million uniformed service active duty family members, and National Guard and Reserve members and their families enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP).

We take this responsibility very seriously, striving to deliver products and services that support military populations the same way they support our country.

Our innovative products and broad network access are tailored to meet the specific needs of government and military customers and designed to ensure they can find high-quality dental care in a timely fashion, no matter where they are located.

As a result, we are well positioned to exceed government dental contract expectations, improving our benefits and services to help our members receive the care they deserve.

Our history of proud service also includes administering the Active Duty Dental Program (ADDP), the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) and the Federal Employee Program. We also serve Medicare and Medicaid members through our partnership Gateway Health and several Blue Cross Shield plans.

The dental benefits industry is a complex, fast-changing business, with a wide range of different state regulations and business challenges to navigate.

With our responsiveness and flexibility, United Concordia is able to adapt to changes as they occur, and to help our partners do the same. By working closely with our partners, we’re demonstrating the benefit our dental solutions can deliver to new customers, helping guide them toward better oral and overall health.

United Concordia Dental provides dental services to 27 partners: 

  • 13 TPA Partners, equaling almost 2.4 million dental members (27% of our total membership)
  • 14 partners who use our dental network services
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To ensure we’re providing the best overall value, United Concordia designs creative network approaches using both contracted dentists and those added through lease arrangements.

Each of our customers has unique individual circumstances and geographic needs. By using a targeted network approach, we deliver solutions that provide them with superior access and savings.

As our business continues to grow in markets across the country, we are using our knowledge and flexibility to make it even easier for our customers to find high-quality, affordable dental care.

Success by the Numbers

Members with 2 dentists within 10 miles
Network retention rate
Members with 1 specialist dentist within 10 miles
Unique dentists
Access points: Elite Plus network
Network growth per year
2019: Three-year Utilization Review Accreditation Committee (URAC) reaccrediation for network management. Dental Equivalent of medical industry's National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) standard.

We also are building a national Medicare Advantage dental network to expand access to care for individuals over 65, who are among the fastest-growing segments in the dental benefits market.

Currently, we provide Medicare Advantage dental coverage in collaboration with several of our Blue partners. By building a national network, we’re strengthening those relationships and creating opportunities to add new members in other states.

As more individuals obtain dental coverage through Medicare Advantage and other programs, we will be well-positioned to serve their needs.

Similarly, we are developing strategies to increase our presence in several Medicaid markets, so that we can offer dental options for those customers as well.