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Headquartered in Harrisburg, Pa., United Concordia Dental has licensed carriers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and carries an A.M. Best A (Excellent) rating.

With more than 8.9 million members, our company provides dental benefits solutions to small and large customers across the country.

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United Concordia Dental is all about the connection between oral and total health. Our focus is on helping those we serve live healthier, more productive lives.

Everything we do promotes the importance of regular, preventive oral care to help our customers achieve and maintain better overall wellness.

We are committed to building solutions that lead our customers to better total health.

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To ensure our employees are well-equipped to deliver remarkable experiences for our customers, United Concordia Dental’s culture promotes cross-functional learning opportunities, with an emphasis on flexibility and teamwork.

Our 2020 Strategic Plan recognizes that we need truly engaged employees who can adapt quickly to a fast-changing dental benefits industry. To succeed, we must be nimble enough to find new ways to support those we serve.

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As a responsible corporate citizen, United Concordia Dental has for many years donated our time and resources to assist the communities where our employees and customers live and work.

For many years, we also have supported efforts to expand access to dental care for individuals who are uninsured or underinsured.

Our networks are among the nation’s largest, including more than 127,000 unique dentists at more than 392,000 locations.

United Concordia also administers the voluntary dental benefits plan for the more than 1.8 million uniformed service active duty family members, and National Guard and Reserve members and their families who participate in the TRICARE Dental Program.

To expand the reach of our dental solutions, we work hand-in-hand with strategic partners in markets across the country. Our partners rely on our dental expertise to help promote the value of dental benefits to their customers, pairing our products with their medical, life or disability offerings.

Forbes has named United Concordia Dental, a national dental solutions partner headquartered in Harrisburg, to its list of top 100 employers in Pennsylvania. We rank 15th among some of the largest businesses in the state.

At United Concordia Dental, Diversity and Inclusion is embedded within our culture and integral in the way we do business. It’s not just a strategy, it’s a commitment to create a best-in-class workplace of inclusion that will enable us to meet the needs of our diverse employees, customers, and communities.

Like our parent company, Highmark Health, we take a holistic view of diversity and inclusion at United Concordia Dental that goes beyond the traditional measurements. From diversity and inclusion training for our employees to an aggressive supplier diversity strategy to working with a diverse set of suppliers to hiring strategies designed to build pipelines of diverse talent, our company affirms that diversity is about the entire human experience.

Our dental benefits plans are designed to reinforce the connection between healthy mouths and healthy bodies. This is why all of our traditional plans cover preventive services at 100 percent.

And why United Concordia uses oral wellness consultants to help employers understand the importance of incorporating dental coverage and education into their overall benefits and wellness programs.

Since we’re passionate about exploring the associations between oral health and whole-body health, United Concordia works with experts to drive meaningful, positive changes across the health care and dental industries:

Because approximately 90 percent of systemic diseases have oral symptoms, we are embracing the challenge of finding new ways to combine medical and dental care to promote better overall health.

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and directly benefit from the value we deliver and the efforts of a flexible, engaged workforce with broad knowledge of the dental industry and its complexities.

As a company that truly understands dental, we’re helping our employees develop the expertise and experience that will allow us to continue to grow our business and provide customers with access to quality, affordable dental care.

Succeeding in a highly competitive business requires the deep involvement of empowered employees who are focused on our mission, vision and values and on meeting the needs of those we serve; empowered employees who are nimble enough to adapt to changes as they occur.

United Concordia’s employees demonstrate this ability and their commitment every day on behalf of our customers, helping us pave the way for continued success.

In big and small ways, we’re doing our part to bring quality dental care to those in need and improve the quality of life in our communities:

  • Through our sponsorships of various dental organizations across the country, we provide free dental services worth millions of dollars to uninsured or underinsured adults and children
  • To support tomorrow’s dental practitioners, we award scholarships each year to help dental and dental hygiene students pay for school tuition and fees. As students pursue their careers, we encourage them to use their education to help those who can’t afford dental care
  • We also provide corporate sponsorships to a wide range of Pennsylvania-based and national organizations, including Ronald McDonald House Charities, the American Heart Association, the Children's Miracle Network, the National Civil War Museum, the Salvation Army, Hospice of Central Pennsylvania, and many others
  • We also provided financial support to local food banks serving Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Los Angeles and other communities across the country during COVID-19
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