Our Financials

United Concordia Dental is committed to being financially strong and fiscally responsible for our customers. Our AM Best financial rating of A (Excellent) demonstrates this focus.

As one of the largest dental insurers in the country, our revenue and profit have remained consistent over the past five years.

Throughout 2020, our company has kept our bottom line healthy and strong, while supporting our customers during unprecedented and challenging times. As a trusted ally, we understand the mission critical importance of helping our members manage dental costs, guiding our employers in making the best benefit decisions and assisting our producers, dentists and other partners in meeting their financial goals.

2019 Consolidated Statement of Operations

(for the Year Ended December 31, $ in Thousands)

Income Before Taxes
Net Income
2019 Consolidated Balance Sheet

(As of December 31, $ in Thousands)

Total Assets
Liabilities and Stockholder's Equity
Total Liabilities
Stockholder's Equity
Total Liabilities and Stockholder's Equity